Knitted or Crocheted Bandages for Tropical Ulcer Patients

To be distributed by Global Health Ministries to areas of the world where patients suffer from slow bleeding open sores and ulcers caused by Leprosy, HIV/AIDS, infected insect bites, injuries, burns, etc.

Supplies Needed

Knitted Bandage
With size 8 needles, cast on 14-18 stitches. Knit both sides until bandage measures 4 feet. Cast off. Fasten ends of yarn.

Crocheted Bandage
With H hook, chain 13 or 17. Double crochet in third chain from hook. Double crochet to end. Chain 2. Continue until bandage measures 4 feet. Fasten ends of yarn.

1.) Wash and dry the bandage. (Make sure it is totally dry.)
2.) Roll the bandage and fasten the end with a large safety pin.
3.) Pack in a box and mark "Knitted (or crocheted) bandages"
4.) Mail or deliver to Global Health Ministries. The address is:
7831 Hickory Street N.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55432
(763) 586-9590
If you have any questions, email or call GHM.

This site is not affiliated with Global Health Ministries -- it was created by an independent individual to disseminate the information on making the bandages for those who have asked them about it.