iTunes Giveaway

Now that the Basas family has committed to Brett, they need to raise $4000-$5000 to bring him home. To help them do this, I’m hosting a giveaway here that will run between today and December 2nd.

I have a $50 iTunes gift card to give away. This would be a great Christmas present for someone so they can download some wonderful Christmas music or perhaps find a great audiobook.

Here is how it works:

1.) Spread the word about this giveaway between today and December 2nd and leave me a comment telling me how you did it. Any form of social media counts. For example, if you mentioned it on Facebook and on Twitter, leave a separate comment for Facebook and a separate comment for Twitter. You get one entry per mention.

2.) Donate and email me to let me know how much. (The email address for this blog is You get one entry per $5 donated.

3.) Commit to pray that we raise the necessary funds. I’m unfortunately not giving entries away for that but I and Brett’s family would greatly appreciate it.

On your marks… get set… GO!!!!

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