7 Quick Takes: 7 Reasons You Should Enter The Giveaway

7 Quick Takes

So there’s a giveaway going on here and nobody has entered! Here are 7 reasons why you should.

— 1 —

The money goes to help Brett’s family bring him home. They were already in country adopting Delilah and discovered him. It’s going to be an extra $4000-$5000 to bring him home. All the money donated in this giveaway goes to help them do that.

— 2 —

Entering is SUPER easy. All you have to do is leave a comment letting me know that you shared the URL http://peacefulwaters.org/brett/2012/11/18/itunes-giveaway/ via blog/Facebook/Twitter/whatever or email me to let me know that you donated. The email address is bringingbretthome@gmail.com.

— 3 —

For a $5 donation, you have the chance to win a $50 iTunes gift card. Seriously, that’s a 1000% return on your investment and it benefits the cutest kid on the planet. You’re not going to find a better deal on Black Friday!

— 4 —

That gift card would buy some decent Christmas music. I’m not talking about Justin Bieber’s Christmas album. I’m talking about a good copy of Handel’s Messiah or Bach’s Christmas Oratorio. It would also cover any of the three Christmas albums Loreena McKennitt has released.

— 5 —

It’s what Jesus would freaking do! Sorry… random Grey’s Anatomy quote. Moving on…

— 6 —

It will make your heart grow like the Grinch’s did. Trust me… I am the most Grinch-like person when it comes to Christmas. I’m all good with the Feast of the Nativity. I just am not a fan of the commercial “holiday” season. Donating to the Basas is the kind of thing that makes me less Grinch-like when it comes to this kind of year.

— 7 —

For a $5 donation, you can be the “cool” aunt or uncle. The gift card is something that a tween, teenager, or college student would love! So be the cool relative!

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