An inscription placed usually at the end of a book, giving facts about its publication. -- Dictionary.Com
This is the part of the site where I I give some credit where credit is due. (Mouse over the graphic to find out what "colophon" means.)

A Brief History
I started out in February 1997 with a site at Geocities.Com before Yahoo bought them and destroyed the neighborly feeling of it all. I moved my site to the server of my alma mater and then moved again when I bought this domain in July 2000. The domain has hosted everything from my blog to just a simple personal site. I started hosting people in February 2002 with my friend Brianna, who now has her own domain. In addition to my blog (email me for the link), I also host a few other people and am working on a site called "Intelligent Choices" that will show the platforms for the candidates for president. (I feel that people need to cut through the rhetoric of both parties and make intelligent choices based on how each stands on the issues.)

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