March 14

Read: Luke 4:1-13

15 years ago, my former husband Jon was invited to participate in a Lenten round-robin in which pastors of various Lutheran churches would swap pulpits every Wednesday for Lenten soup suppers. The theme was “The Road to…” and each pastor would cover a different passage from the Lenten lectionary. Jon got “The Road to the Wilderness” and chose to do it from the perspective of Satan… as a gangsta rapper. We were walking through Walmart the week before Lent and I found the perfect tie… one with flames!

Jon as Satan

Our church kids thought it was AWESOME, and Jon kept the sermon in his back pocket to use when the appropriate passage came up.

One takeaway from that sermon was Jon ending the sermon by commenting (as Satan) to watch our backs because he is always on the prowl. Jon is right in that Satan is always waiting in the shadows, ready to pounce on us as we deal with temptation. The good news is that Jesus dealt with it too… and is always ready to walk with us as we are in it. With Jesus’ help, we can overcome it.

Thank you, Lord, for going through those forty days in the wilderness so that You would understand our temptations. Amen.

-Jen McCabe