April 11

Read: John 12:1-8

Last March, my grandmother took a fall and ended up in the ER at Skagit Valley Hospital. As one of the people with her medical Power of Attorney, my mom rushed to be with her, and that meant that Daniel had to come to church with me. OK… not a problem. I loaded up his backpack with Cheerios, both of his tablets, and his charger before setting out to grab the coffee I needed to make it through the rest of the morning.

Worship was going beautifully. Keith Axberg and Vicki Wesen were subbing in because Helen was sick, and it came time for me to go up front to sing with the choir for the Offertory. It was “Fall Slow Tears, a beautiful choral piece based on Psalm 51 with an amazing alto part, and I was in the zone singing it.

When I looked up to take a breath toward the end, I caught a glimpse of Daniel dancing in the aisle. I was singing this beautiful piece, and MY KID WAS DANCING IN THE AISLE!!!!! I was so embarrassed! What would people think?!?!?!? Little did I know that people thought it was adorable and that I would hear about how wonderful it was that my child was dancing in the aisle and *gasp* ENJOYING HIMSELF IN CHURCH!

I am saddened to say that I could identify partly with Judas in this week’s Gospel. He found Mary’s behavior to be a complete and utter embarrassment. What a spectacle she was making of herself! She, a woman, was touching a man… AND WITH HER HAIR!!! That nard could have been sold to raise money for the poor (or more likely, Judas’s pockets)!

Thank heavens that Jesus is the Messiah, and not Judas or me. Jesus got the meaning behind the act and knew that Mary meant to do something in love to honor him. Her action foreshadowed Jesus’ death in ways that I don’t know that she understood, but that did not matter at the moment. She wanted to do something in love… so she did!

Dear Jesus, thank you for kids dancing in the aisles of churches and women stepping out and acting in love. Amen.

-Jen McCabe

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