April 15

Read: Luke 19:45-48

One of my favorite Internet memes is this one:

Jesus cleansing the Temple

I love it because of its snark but also because I like the idea that Jesus is not some meek teacher, but instead an authority. I also love the fact that Jesus is taking on the religious establishment and changing the ideas of what is allowable or appropriate.
In our passage today, Jesus drives out those who are selling from the Temple because in His words:

It is written,‘My house shall be a house of prayer’; but you have made it a den of robbers.
– v. 46 (NRSV)

What should have been a house of prayer where people could worship was instead a place where moneychangers hung out and people sold unblemished animals for sacrifice. People’s donations and sacrifices were being discounted and made out to be inappropriate by the rules of those in control of the Temple.

Do we do this today in our churches? Do we discount the gifts and talents of those who offer them?

Lord, help us to recognize the gifts and talents of those who offer them and help us to not discount them just because they do not look like what we think they should. Amen.

-Jen McCabe

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